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MSU-Northern students, faculty and staff - Use the ITS Help Desk as the first point of contact for your technology problems, questions & services!

Information Technology Services Help Desk
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Last Updated: 04-Nov-2013
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Info About...

Network Drives

Information about network drives and why you should use them.


Students are provided a free e-mail account shortly after registering that can store up to 50MB. This is your official e-mail account for ALL University related matters.

Faculty & Staff employees receive email accounts after completing their Human Resources paperwork and filling out an e-mail Account Application (available at the Help Desk in Cowan Hall 117B). Employee email accounts have quotas of 250MB.

Web Publishing

Thinking about publishing a web site for your department? Read about the steps for publishing, the Northern style guide and other tips.

Bandwidth and File Sharing

Bandwidth: what it is, how it affects you and how you affect it when you use file sharing peer-to-peer programs.

Online Communities

Online communities are a popular means of socializing among college students across the U.S. While the intention of these communities is to connect other people, consider safety first before posting personal information online.

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NNN Computer Tips
Computer TipsComputer tips published in the Northern Network News can be accessed here!
Windows XP has keyboard shortcuts - here are some that use the "Windows" key. (The Windows key has some version of the Microsoft flag Windows flag on it.) You use the shortcut by pressing and holding the Windows key and then pressing the next key.

Windows flag + E

opens Windows Explorer

Windows flag + F

opens Search for files

Windows flag + L

locks your workstation

Windows flag + M

minimizes all open windows

Windows flag + Shift + M

restores all previously open windows to how they were before you minimized them.
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