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Deleting Messages
Four Ways to Delete Messages

· Select the message and push Delete on your keyboard.
· Right-click the message and click delete.
· Click the Delete button on your toolbar (Delete button).
· With the message open, click the Delete button.

Last Updated: 18-Jun-2009
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Sending Email

Sending Email in Outlook

There are several ways to create new messages including:

  • Click the New button on the menu bar (New button),
  • Press Ctrl + N, select File then New, or
  • Right-Click a contact and select New Message to Contact. (Note that this option will open a new message with the recipient's address already entered.)


  • To:
    The Global Address book is used by default and you can either:
    • Type the persons name to uniqueness. For example, if there is only one Eileen in the book you only need to type Eileen. You can enter either first or last names, or first and last names.
    • Or you can click the To: button and the Global Address List will open by default and you can select names from the list.
  • To select names from your Contacts, use the drop list in the upper right hand side of the window to select Contacts and proceed as above for the Global Address Book.
         (Read more about Global Address Book & Contacts...)
    Separate names in the To: and CC: fields with semicolons or commas.
  • CC: - Stands for Carbon Copy; use this to send the email to someone who is not a direct recipient but needs to be kept informed.
  • Subject: - Type a MEANINGFUL SUBJECT - this is critical for people trying to refer back to your email later on!

Working with File Attachments

When you are sending attachments, please be aware of how large the file(s) are that you are sending. People don't like to have their mailboxes get filled up with unnecessary or unnecessarily large attachments.

There are three basic ways to attach files:

  • Attachment paperclipFrom the Message Window, click the Attach File paperclip icon and browse for the file.

  • From Windows Explorer or My Computer, right-click any file you want to send and select Send To and then Mail Recipient.
  • From Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, while you are working on a file, click File then Send To then Mail Recipient (As Attachment).

Creating a Signature

A signature is usually going to identify who you are and any appropriate contact information. Once it is set-up, it will automatically appear at the bottom of each new message.

NOTE: the use of images in signature files and the use of themes or stationary for email messages is strongly discouraged.

  1. While you have your Inbox open, click Tools on the menu bar and then Options. This will open the Options dialog box
  2. Select the Mail Format tab. This will display information about the format of your emails
  3. Click the Signatures... button in the lower-right corner. This will opens the Signatures and Stationary dialog Box
  4. Click the New... button and the New Signature dialog box will open.
  5. Type "Standard" (or what every you'd like to call your signature) and click OK.
  6. In the Edit Signature box, set the font characteristics you want to use then type your name & position and any contact information you like to include.
  7. On the right hand side of the Signatures and Stationary window, select which messages you'd like your signature automatically attached to (new messages, replies/forwards).
  8. Click OK to apply new signature and close the Signatures and Stationary dialog screen.
  9. Test your signature by opening a new email. Your signature should be in the body of the new email.

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If you need to obtain an account please, read the Faculty & Staff Accounts page.
Keyboard Shortcuts
To create a new email message (when in Mail):


To create a new email message (from any Outlook view):

Ctrl + ShiftM

Printing Tips
To print an email along with any attachments without open either one:
· Click on the message (but don't open it)
· Click File on the menu bar
· Select Print...
· The standard print window will open. Notice in the lower left hand corner of the popup window there is a Print options area.
· Click the Print attached files... check box.
When you check this box and then click OK, the email message along with any and all attachments will be printed. The attachments will automatically open, print, and close. You may need to

Note: The box will remain checked for al subsequent Outlook print operations until you uncheck it and click OK.

Note: Because this procedure does in fact open the attachment(s), normal precautions need to be observed when dealing with any attachments. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the source or content, never execute, open, or download any files or email attachments!
As the number of messages in your Inbox grows, it will become necessary to organize your email messages.

Creating Folders
To create a folder, right-click the Inbox icon in your folder list. Select New Folder. Name the folder and click OK

Moving Messages
The easiest way move a message is to click and drag it into the folder. Ctrl + Click lets you select multiple messages that aren't necessarily next to each other and Shift + Click lets you select a group of messages that are together. You can also select a message (or messages), right click, select Move to Folder... and choose the folder you want the messages moved to.
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