Federal TRiO Programs


The purpose of the Association of Special Programs in Region Eight (ASPIRE) is to increase the accessibility to, and success in, formal secondary and postsecondary education for eligible students.

ASPIRE is one of ten regional associations that form the Council for Opportunity in Education which promotes equal rights and opportunities for first-generation and low-income students, and for students with disabilities.

ASPIRE is a professional organization of persons engaged in the administration, recruitment, mentoring, instruction, tutoring, or other support services for eligible students. ASPIRE serves as a vehicle which provides professional development and technical assistance to increase expertise of individuals who are involved in services to TRIO students. ASPIRE strives to organize program personnel into a cohesive unit, to facilitate open communication between program personnel, and to disseminate legislative and Department of Education information to ensure that program personnel are well informed on current issues.

TRiO Services Include:

  • assistance in choosing a college
  • tutoring
  • personal and financial counseling
  • career counseling
  • assistance in applying to college
  • workplace and college visits
  • special instruction in reading, writing, study skills and mathematics
  • assistance in applying for financial aid
  • academic assistance in high school or assistance to reenter high school.

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Montana TRIO Programs

Federal TRIO Programs at a Glance

  • Upward Bound: Helps young people and adults prepare for higher education.
  • Upward Bound Math/Science: Provides students enrolled in college or beginning college the opportunity to explore career fields and academic study in the areas of math and science
  • Talent Search: programs serve young people in grades six through twelve.
  • Educational Opportunity Centers: These centers help people to choose a college and a suitable financial aid program.
  • Support Services: Helps students stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degree.
  • Veterans' Upward Bound: provides veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with the skills and motivation to succeed in post-secondary training or education
  • Ronald E. Mcnair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement: Programs encourage low-income and minority undergraduates to consider careers as well as prepare for doctoral study.