imageFor Water and Wastewater Operators, Managers, and other Environmental Public Health Professionals

About METC...

Developing and implementing effective training to:

  • Protect and Improve the quality of Montana's water and
  • Preserve the large public investment in water and wastewater systems


The Montana Environmental Training Center (METC) is a training organization whose goals are to provide a base for state training coordination, to develop and implement effective training, and to provide technical guidance for water and wastewater operators and other environmental and public health professionals. These goals contribute to preserving the large public investment in water and wastewater systems and to protecting and improving the quality of Montana's environment.


Montana State University-Northern and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) began cooperative efforts in 1988 to establish METC. As a result of those efforts an EPA 109(b) grant was awarded to establish METC and purchase equipment and supplies. The grant was exhausted long ago. METC now operates on the income it generates from fees charged for its workshops and schools and from the administrative support of Montana State University-Northern and MDEQ's Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau and Technical and Financial Assistance Bureau.

  1. Providing basic and advanced training to water and wastewater operators, managers and other environmental professionals.
  2. Providing state-wide entry level training and continuing education in the areas of operation and maintenance, regulation, financing, administration, safety, basic science, watershed awareness and much more.
  3. Preparing, publishing, and distributing an annual training calendar.
  4. Coordinating with other water quality related training entities.
  5. Supporting and upgrading Montana's established Operator Certification Program.
  6. Providing a quarterly newsletter and training announcement.
  7. Maintaining a water quality related clearinghouse of information.


A five member committee provides policy direction and guidance to METC. Two members from MSU-Northern, two members from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, and one elected at-large member make up the committee.

Previous at-large members have included water/wastewater training directors, wastewater system operators,, wastewater system superintendents, and rural utility management specialists.


Drue NewField     

Jon Dilliard          

Mindy McCarthy   

Carol Reifschneider

Lorren Schlotfeld  


A diverse group representing small and large water and wastewater system operators, rural technical assistance programs, educational institutions, engineers, sanitarians, and the state water and wastewater certification program make up the advisory committee.

The advisory committee meets annually to review METC activities, and offers recommendations for training, dates, and locations for the annual training calendar.


The METC Director coordinates and implements effective training programs with guidance from METC's Steering Committee, MSU-Northern's Extended University Office and MDEQ.


Rory Schmidt, Acting Director, Training & Development Specialist,

Jamie Verploegen, Administrative Associate,

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