As courses transition to online delivery for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern assures our students that we remain available daily. We have outlined the ways in which students can reach our qualified staff for assistance with their tutoring needs including a couple of new access points.


1) Visit the Tutoring Central Webpage here. You will find all tutoring resources in one location!

  • Easily access the Tutoring Central page by visiting, clicking on "current students" in the upper left hand corner then click on the Tutoring Central book icon
  • Accudemia Tutoring Software: Tutoring Central will continue to utilize the Accudemia Software program as a means of scheduling tutoring appointments, checking tutor schedules and availability, and documenting tutoring appointments. Students can access Accudemia via the "Schedule A Tutor" button on the Tutoring Central Webpage.


2) Live Chat Box for Tutoring Central 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday

If a student has a question about tutoring resources, there will be a Live Chat box on the Tutoring Central Page similar to the one on the main page. Ali Bettinson, SSS Assistant Director, will be monitoring the chat Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm.


3) E-mail Tutoring Central at

Any student or faculty member wishing to reach a tutor can send an e-mail to Tutoring Central. This e-mail account is monitored daily during the week and will connect students with the most qualified available tutor.

  • Within the Brightspace online platform, the e-mail is also found on every class roster. Students can simply e-mail Tutoring Central directly from any Brightspace course.


4) E-mail Professional Tutors

Kirk Olson, Math Professional Tutor:

Alissa Cook, Writing Professional Tutor:

Morgaine Lomayesva, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Professional Tutor:

The MSU-Northern professional tutors are embedded in several online courses already, if you see one of their names within your course, you may also contact them directly through Brightspace for your tutoring needs.


5) Live Online Tutoring via Skype for Business

In an effort to emulate face-to-face and tutoring drop-ins, Tutoring Central has added the option of tutoring contact via Skype for Business. All tutoring staff, in addition to the staff of both the Little River Institute (LRI) and Student Support Services (SSS), will be available in real-time via Skype for Business during normal office hours. A student who previously may have been a "walk-in" to SSS or LRI, will now have the option to "walk-in" virtually for tutoring services. Skype for Business allows student to instant message (IM), video call or audio call any of the Tutoring Central staff as long as they have logged on using their MSU-Northern (see below instructions). This will allow MSU-Northern students to easily access any other MSU-Northern student, staff or faculty member who is also logged on to Skype using their MSU-Northern netID. Skype will link to all contacts in MSU-Northern's MS Outlook.

Skype for Business Directions:

  • Skype for Business needs to be downloaded (free) or it may be already available on your computer. (You can search for it by typing the Windows key and entering in Skype for Business-search bar may or may not be present).
  • Your login credentials will be necessary after this. Your login ID is your [for example]. Your password will be your NetID Password.
  • You will probably be asked if you would like to send back diagnostics or not; this is entirely up to you.
  • Common Errors
    • I am being asked to create a new Office 365 Account. Make sure that you are using SKYPE FOR BUSINESS
    • I am being told my email address does not exist or is wrong. Make sure that you are using your and NOT your email address.

Basic Calling Instructions:

  • If you have logged in with your NetID, you should have access to other MSUN staff and students in your contacts already.
  • To call someone, simply search for their name
    • Either Right Click on their name and select Call/Video Call/ or IM
    • -OR- Double Click and a chat window will appear. Three blue buttons along the bottom will allow you to select a call/video call/or screen sharing.

Microsoft has wonderful resources for questions regarding Skype and can be found here.


6) After Hours Tutoring

The professional tutors will flex their schedules to be available for after-hours tutoring as needed. Many of our MSU-Northern students are likely facing a situation where they are caring for school-aged children during the day and evening hours may be the best time for them to receive tutoring.


Questions? Please contact one of the following Tutoring Committee members:

Erica McKeon-Hanson, LRI Director/Co-Chair of Tutoring Committee:

Dr. Valerie Guyant, CASE Chair/Co-Chair of Tutoring Committee:

Maura Gatch, Executive Director of Enrollment Management/SSS Director:

Ali Bettinson, SSS Assistant Director: