Section 200: Responsibilities of Administrative Officers

Effective: November 1, 2000
Revised: March 2009; March 2011; January 2012
Review Date: March 2009; March 2014
Responsible Party: Chancellor

The Director of Information Technology Services reports directly to the Chancellor.


The Director of Information Technology Services reports to the Chancellor on all aspects of data and voice services and acts as the Chief Information Officer for Information Technology (IT) at Montana State University-Northern. The Director of Information Technology Services is responsible for the supervision and management of Information Technology Services (ITS), Instructional Computer Support (ICS), university radio station (KNMC) and the Media and Reprographics Center (MRC), which includes directing the installation, operation, utilization, maintenance, and disposal of data equipment including hardware and software, telephone equipment, and video systems for the institution, except for that which is under the direction of the extended university department. This includes all primary network infrastructure and software for the support, administration and operation of the University. The Director is responsible for major maintenance of all instructional computer labs and the network systems needed to access appropriate servers and the Internet.