Section 200: Responsibilities of Administrative Officers

Effective: July 1, 1999

The Academic Support Coordinator reports directly to the Associate Chancellor Student Affairs. The Academic Support Coordinator is responsible for managing all functions of the New Student Advising Center including supervision of the graduate assistant and peer mentors. In addition, the ASC provides support and assistance for new and continuing students at MSU-N.


As Academic Support Coordinator, he/she plays an integral role in providing services and in coordinating activities that focus on student retention. He/She is responsible for assisting students who have been identified as Perkins eligible students and on those who need state funded services.


Within the limits of his/her primary areas of responsibility as Academic Support Coordinator the following duties are included:

  1. Coordination of tutoring for the walk-in lab, funded by state monies.
  2. Coordination of tutoring and lab assistance for the Perkins computer lab, vocational classes and other labs on campus, based on requests.
  3. Project Director for the Perkins Grant. This includes developing an advisory board, writing the local application, managing and reporting for the grant.
  4. Administration of the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Exam, the GED (General Education Diploma) and the COMPASS placement examination.
  5. Management of the New Student Advising Center including the supervision of the Graduate Assistant and the peer mentors.
  6. Provide assistance and referrals for students who need special services or guidance.
  7. Other duties as assigned by the Associate Chancellor Student Affairs.