Section 200: Responsibilities of Administrative Officers

Effective: 1997
Revised: June 2007, July 2011
Review Date: June 2009, July 2013
Responsible Party: Chancellor

The Foundation Executive Director reports directly to the Foundation Board of Trustees.


The Foundation is responsible for coordinating all approved fund-raising activities conducted for the benefit of the University. The approval of University fund-raising activities is handled by the Office of the Chancellor. The Coordination of fund raising must exist in order to avoid an excess of solicitations by campus units directed to any one potential funding source; to assure the general quality of our fund-raising efforts; to assure effective timing of our efforts, and to assure that the priorities of the University are being met. The Foundation is in a position to know of efforts that may be in progress with a given donor. This coordinating function prevents duplication by University units and increases the possibility of success in discussions with donor(s). The Alumni Director reports to the Foundation Executive Director and oversees the coordination and organization of activities and operations of the Northern Alumni Association in promoting the future and continued well-being of MSU-Northern.