Interpretation of MSU-Northern's Mission Fulfillment


Core Theme




Indicators of Achievement

Comprehensive Programs:
Provide liberal arts, professional and technical programs that serve a diverse student population
  1. Provide excellent academic programs
  2. Cultivate teaching and learning excellence
  • Student retention and graduation rates
  • Student pass rates and scores on state & national exams
  • Environments conducive to learning
  • Rates of satisfaction with academic areas, academic support services, and institutional resources (NSSE, FSSE, SSI)
Student Success:
Promote student centered and culturally enriched environment which fosters student success
  1. Prepare students for careers in their chosen field
  2. Provide a student centered environment conducive to success
  3. Promote a culturally enriched environment
  • Graduate and Employer surveys
  • Rates of student engagement in campus life (NSSE, FSSE)
  • Quantity and quality of event sponsorships and student, staff, faculty participation in multicultural—activities, clubs, courses, and projects
  • Rates of student engagement (NSSE, FSSE)
Inclusive Partnerships:
Partner with external entities to enhance and expand learning experiences
  1. Use external partnership input to develop or enhance programs or disciplines
  2. Expand students' collaborative/external learning experiences
  3. Through partnerships stimulate economic development of our region
  • Creation of advisory boards
  • Programs meet state and national accreditation standards
  • Programs or disciplines require collaborative/external learning experiences
  • Number of successful external and applied research projects
  • Amount of external funding—grants, contracts, materials, equipment and scholarship for MSUN