Assessment & Accreditation: Taskstream

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Program assessment is overseen by the Provost and guided by the Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC), which consists of staff and faculty. The committee communicates the assessment cycle's process and timeline to the institution and collaborates with the Office of Teaching and Learning Excellence (OTLE) to provide training to faculty and staff as they participate in the assessment of their respective academic and non-academic (services) programs.

August 15-20 Refresher trainings during orientation week (IAC)
September 30 Findings for prior year's assessment activities due
October 15 Current year's assessment plan due
November 15 IAC reviews of findings & current year plans due
By December 1 Findings discussed at College meeting / with supervisor; reported at Core
By December 15 Feedback incorporated and the current year's plan finalized
By December 15 IAC makes adjustments to assessment process

MSU-Northern uses the assessment management system "Taskstream" to centralize and streamline program assessment. To access Taskstream, please click on the button above right and log in with your NetID and password. Instructions for using Taskstream are located here: Academic Program Assessment, Non-Academic Program Assessment

Assessment plans are reviewed by an IAC team based on the following criteria:

Mission Statement Review

☑ Mission statement is complete and aligns with institutional mission.

Outcomes Review

☑ Each Outcome supports the overarching Goal/Objective and is mapped to Core Themes.
☑ FOR ACADEMIC: Each outcome is written from the student learning perspective (Students will...).
☑ FOR NON-ACADEMIC/SERVICES: Each outcome is descriptive of what that office does.
☑ Each Outcome is SMART: S: Specific - specifies what is to be achieved, M: Measurable - measurable/verifiable, A: Achievable, R: Realistic, T: Time - has appropriate time frame.

Assessment Plan Review

☑ FOR EACH MEASUREMENT IN THE PLAN: Measurement is aligned to outcome
☑ Expected level of performance (target) is indicated.
☑ Schedule for assessment activity is set.

Assessment Findings Review

☑ Findings are entered for each measurement.
☑ Recommendations for improvement are entered in either: 1) individual Findings areas, 2) "Overall Recommendations" area at the bottom, or 3) "Reflections" area at the bottom.

MSU-Northern employees who want to request a Taskstream account or to discuss how Taskstream might support assessment or accreditation in your area should contact a member of the assessment team:

Jay Howland, Brockmann Center 210N, x4186
Lindsey Brandt-Bennett, Cowan Hall 110, x3775