Assessment & Accreditation: Taskstream

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Taskstream provides cloud-based tools to help advance effective assessment and help the university set strategic goals, address accountability, and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Taskstream's assessment planning enables the university to define learning outcomes at all levels and align them to the university's goals, strategic plans, general education principles, and other goals. It creates outcomes-based assessment plans that include clearly defined measures, targets, and findings.

With Taskstream's accreditation preparation tool, the university can address regional and specialized program accreditation needs with confidence. It also helps manage documentation and data in a central repository. We can document faculty credentials, including qualifications, research, scholarly contributions, course load, professional development, and tenure.

MSU-Northern employees who want to request a Taskstream account or to discuss how Taskstream might support assessment or accreditation in your area should contact a member of the assessment team:

Jay Howland, Electronics Building 216, x4186
Carol Reifschneider, Cowan Hall 105, 4126
Steven Don, Brockmann Center 210S, x4185