International Reception
Amos Seward, Kylie Pasieka, and Coach Rose Obunaga at the International Reception

This year MSU-Northern is honored to receive Coach Rose Obunaga, Head Women's Volleyball Coach, as well as Amos Seward, student athlete from the cross country team majoring in Civil Engineering. Both of them are originally from Kenya. In representation of Canada, Kylie Pasieka, also a volleyball student athlete attended the reception. Currently, there are 10 international students enrolled at MSU-Northern. At the reception, the Interim Provost Larry Strizich and the Director of the Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs (ODAMP) said a few welcoming words to these new members of the Northern family. "Thank you for bringing your talents to MSU-Northern" said Estrada-Underwood. Coach Obunaga said, "Amos and I are very far away from home; we have felt since the beginning very welcomed in this community; we appreciate the support very much."