Multicultural Student Interview


 Nikola Ivanovic


 The MSUN Student Who Has the Farthest Airplane Ticket to Return Home

        By Cristina Estrada-Underwood

 Fall 2014


This semester the student who has the farthest airplane ticket to return home is Nikola Ivanovic. A twenty-year-old, he is a native of Belgrade Serbia. He arrived at MSUN a few weeks ago to pursue a degree in Business and also to play for the Lights. During our short conversation, he told me it was through an agent that he learned about MSUN. “It is my first time in the United States; it is great.  Right now what interests me the most is to play basketball and university life,” he said, although he also added he misses his family. It will not be until May 2015 that he will see them again: “I will probably celebrate Christmas ‘skyping’ with my parents,” he added. When I asked him if he was prepared to survive the Havre winter weather he said, “oh sure, I’m prepared.” Curious about the differences he has encountered upon his arrival in the US, he told me “I notice that people in my country have a more comprehensive view of analysis, whereas here in the US people have a more particular and focused way of perceiving the world.” He said that other than that, people are equally friendly here in the US as in Europe. “People here have been very kind to me.” I found it interesting that Nikola told me so far his favorite food in the US is Mexican food. “I like burritos a lot.” From what I could gather Mexican food is not really popular in his country, which is the opposite to American movies, artists, and athletes; his favorite basketball player Tracey McGrady “T-Mac.” Nikola wants to pursue a career coaching basketball. He would like to be a professional basketball player too. “My goals are to play here at Northern, finish my degree, and then try for the professional leagues. Doing this has been my dream, and it is coming true” he concluded.