Multicultural Art


Paper Molas


Paper Molas
Junior High Art Class at Chinook School
March 2018

This month, the guest artists are students of the Junior High Art Class at Chinook School. The teacher is Ms. TopSky and the artists are Leo, Benjamin, Matthew, Lexi, Flint, Vladimir, Aspyn, Lane, Daniel, Sarah, Nikola, Levi, and Sierra. Molas are traditionally a textile art and are made with fabric. They originate from the Kuna tribe in Panama. Ms. TopSky had the students watch a video that introduced them to the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into the traditional molas. She then taught her Junior High art class the process of making paper molas. Students chose their own animals to design with contrasting layers of paper. Thank you so much to Ms. TopSky and all the students for allowing the MSUN Multicultural Center to display these beautiful art pieces.

The MSUN Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs (ODAMP) invites local and regional artists to exhibit their pieces, preferably those that have some link to multicultural themes. For more information, contact or call (406) 265-3589.