Multicultural Art





by Norton Pease

February 2015


During February, which is the national celebration of Black History Month, the MSU-N Multicultural Center is honored to receive the art work of MSU-N Professor Norton Pease. “Katrina” (2005, oil on paper, 29 x 24.5 inches) is a reflection of the 2005 tragedy of the same name. In his own words, he expands “My work is primarily figurative, and directly relates to racial identity.  As such, this painting is an element of my speech.  The forms are a signifier to my fascination with Hurricane Katrina, and the controversies that ensued.  For me, this artwork becomes a kind of writing as soon as the forms take meaning: Like writing, they call for a lexis.  The connotation behind these elements stems from their cohesive nature in a swimming scene--swimming cap, water flippers, lifeguard swimsuit, submerged or above water, white girl, the black man.  They all have a system of connections that relate directly to one another and the context of Katrina.”


The MSUN Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs (ODAMP) invites local and regional artists to exhibit their pieces, preferably those that have some link to multicultural themes. For more information, contact or call (406) 265-3589.