Policies & Procedures

Mail Room Policies:

General Mail

Index Numbers
Index numbers must be written on each envelope, flat, or package, to ensure that we are able to recharge the postage to the correct department. If there is not an index number on the mail piece, we will send out a user all email to find out who the package belongs to, but we will not be able to mail the item until we have an index number.

Cut Off Time for Mail Services
We guarantee all mail turned in before 8:45 a.m. will go out that day. There is a possibility that the mail is running late so please check in with the Media & Reprographics Center if it is after 8:45am.  Any mail turned in after that will go out the following business day in the morning when the postal carrier arrives.

Bulk Mailing

The Media & Reprographics Center must be given a 2 business day notice for bulk mailings, so we will have adequate time to fill out the necessary paperwork and arrange for them to be picked up by the Physical Plant.

Mailings over $400

Media Reprographics will need advance notice of 3 business days before processing bulk mailings that total over $400.00 in postage in order to ensure that there are adequate funds in the account.

Envelope Sealing
Because bulk mailings are not individually processed we ask that you let us know if your envelopes need to be sealed. Our mail machine can seal standard letter envelopes, but due to time constraints we may not be able to check your mailing before it gets sent out. Please inform the mail room manager or student worker if your mailing needs to have the envelopes sealed.

Non-standard sized envelopes, including oversized envelopes commonly known as flats or manila envelopes, cannot be sealed with the mail machine without causing damage to the envelope. We ask that you have your department seal them before they come down to the mail room.

Large work requests:

The MRC always tries to finish work requests in as timely a manner as possible. Often small print jobs can be completed shortly after the request is emailed or dropped off. However, for larger print jobs or complicated jobs requiring trimming, binding, or laminating, we require at least 2 full business days' notice. Depending on the job, we may need even more notice. Please feel free to call or come in for an estimate of when your job will be done.


The MRC does not offer refunds of print jobs. If a print job is defective, and we determine that we are at fault, we will be happy to reprint the job at no additional cost. However, if the error is determined to be the fault of the customer (for example, if they sent the wrong file, requested copies of a poor original, or failed to specify special instructions) we will not offer a refund or free replacements. We do everything possible to make sure that customers receive high quality products, and are happy to prepare a proof to ensure that you will receive the desired end product.

Off Campus Printing:

We are happy to print any campus related requests, including homework assignments and resumes for students. However, we do not compete with local businesses and therefore are unable to do any non-campus related printing.

Commitment to Quality:

If a document provided for printing or copying is not “print ready” we are unable to process the work order. It is Media Reprographic’s responsibility to ensure that the materials we produced do not reflect poorly on the university. We are happy to work with the department, faculty, or staff member to provide resources to correct the issue with the documents. We recommend that materials, especially those that will be disseminated to the public or bear the MSU-N logo go through the University Relations department to ensure adherence to Northern’s publishing guidelines.