If this is a personal benefit why am I using my University credentials to log on?
Your University credentials provide Microsoft with confirmation you have an active network account here at MSU-Northern. This is a benefit of working at a university and isn't widely available in other industries.

How do I get access to O365 software for my computer?
Office Professional Plus is provided as a download. You will require a good internet connection and will need to stay on-line until it is installed. The only difference between this and other software you may have is once installed you need to sign in periodically to keep the products activated.

What if I use up my 5 allotted installs?
You can deactivate existing Office installations in the Microsoft Office 365 portal.

Can I install Office 365 Pro Plus on my family's computer or share it with a friend?
No. You can only install Office 365 Pro Plus on your personal computers, tablets, and phones. Office 365 Pro Plus is provided using a subscription model which uses your MSU-Northern credentials to make sure you are authorized to use it. If you install it on someone else's computer you would be violating university policy by sharing your personal credentials.

Are O365 Pro Plus software downloads full versions of the software?
Yes, all downloaded computer software are full versions.

Can I have Office ProPlus installed on my University owned computer?
No, this is for you to install on your personal devices.

What happens when I leave?
The software is deactivated when your campus network account is removed after you leave the University. If you wish to continue to use the software you will need to purchase a subscription.

Can I use the Outlook application for for my personal email?
Yes, you can use Outlook to manage multiple accounts. (Gmail, Hotmail etc.)

Can I use the Outlook application for for University email?
No, O365 isn't currently compatible with University email.

Is there any support for this software?
Yes, as this is a Microsoft initiative to provide software to University staff, faculty and students across the globe, Microsoft has detailed and helpful information online to support you and a few of those links are provided below. Remember, this is a personal benefit to you and the support of this software is not provided by ITS here at MSUN. We will of course assist with any issues you may have with your University credentials and logging in to the Microsoft portal.

User guides and support materials available from Microsoft:

Support for other issues: