Residence Life 101: What to bring and not bring to residence halls

Welcome to Montana State University-Northern! Below is a list of a few items to get you started in preparing for your move to MSU-N. None of these items are required by any means, but they are suggested as things that will help get you through your days in comfort.

What to bring

Laundry Soap
Fabric Softener
Laundry Bag/Basket
Quarters For Laundry
Clothes Hangers
Seasonal Clothing
Hand/Dish Soap (With Plastic Soap Dish)
Shower Shoes
Office/School Supplies
Alarm Clock
Bedspread/Blankets Sheets (Twin XL)
Pillows/Pillow Cases
Crock Pot
Snack Food
First Aid Items
Room Fan
Power Strips/Surge protectors
Category 5e Cable (For Computers/Game Consoles)
Desk lamp (No Halogen Lamps)

Residence Hall Room Sizes

MacKenzie Hall:
10-feet, 10-inches by 16-feet, 4 inches.

Morgan Hall:
10 feet by 16 feet.

Check with your roommate to see if you need any of the following items

(Please limit the number of electronics you bring as each room has a limited amount of power.)

VCR/DVD/Blu-ray Player
Video Game System
Microwave (Max. 700 Watts)

What NOT to bring

Hot Plates
Sandwich Makers (Any Kind)
String Lights (Christmas and Rope)
Extension Cords
Pets (Except Fish – 1-Gallon Tank Maximum)
Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia
Toaster Ovens
George Forman Grills
Lava and/or halogen lamps
Anything with a Flame or Heating Element
Air Conditioner
Wireless Access Points and/or Routers
Space Heaters

Other Notes:

Internet Service: All residence hall rooms are equipped with both wired and wireless internet service. Wireless internet is more convenient; however wired connections are not subject to interference from devices such as microwave ovens, bluetooth devices or from other wireless devices both on and off campus. We recommend connecting game consoles to the wired network. If you wish to use the wired network, you need to bring a Category 5e or 6 (Cat5e, Cat6) cable. Cables will be available for purchase through the MSU-Northern Bookstore or at any store that sells electronics.

Telephone: When requested, rooms can be provided with telephone service which includes voicemail.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 406-265-3561.
Have a safe trip and we look forward to your arrival on campus!