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How do you get ready for that huge test next week? What is the best way to prepare for pop quizzes? How should you study for essay exams?

These are important questions to ask as you develop and refine your test preparation strategies. The first step in test preparation is to decide what type of test you are taking.

If you are getting ready for a standardized test like the SATs or ACTs go to: Clarion University SAT, ACT & PSAT Preparation

If you are getting ready for tests associated with regular classes check out the information below.

Are you really doing everything you can to prepare for tests? Re-reading the chapter and looking over your notes is not enough. Below is a list of tips for test preparation from successful students.

Keep up to date with assignments.
Take notes in every class every day. This includes asking questions when you don't understand.
Process information as you come to it. Learning information is much different than "becoming acquainted" with it.
Process information systematically. Label in the margin works well for most people.
Adapt it to suit your learning styles. Capitalize on the discipline label in the margin requires and make it habit to process information from texts and lectures, not just go over it.
Have a study place that is free of distractions.
Have a specific time for an initial study session for each subject. You may need more, but having this initial study session will save you time.
Make summary sheets, flash cards, and practice tests.
Always carry some kind of pocket work and make use of spare minutes by reciting and thinking about what you are learning.
Find a study partner or two in each class and routinely take turns teaching each other the material.
Prepare for each class as if there will be a pop quiz.

For more information on test preparation:
Marquette University EOP

For additional help on standardized test to go to:
Collegeboard.com About PSAT/NMSQT
Maine Educational Opportunity Center
Middle Tennessee State University Preparing For Tests
Oklahoma State University College Prep 101


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