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How To Get The Best Results From Search Engines

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Search engines are websites designed to locate other websites that contain the information you are looking for. They usually ask you to enter the word or phrase you are searching for into a search box using "Boolean" terms to focus your search. Check out the information below for help on Boolean terms.

Search (Boolean) Terms at a Glance

AND or + matches all the words or phrases entered (most of the sites recognize "+" as a word).

OR matches any of the words or phrases.

NOT or - avoids specified words or phrases (most search sites recognize "-" as a word).

" " around a group of words designates them as an exact phrase to be matched.

% serves as a wildcard for a single letter (for example, wom%n would match woman or women).

* serves as a wildcard for multiple letters (for example, "attract*" would direct the site to search for attract or attraction or attractive).

For help on choosing the right search engine for the job click on the following site.
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