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I am unsure what the FAFSA is and/or I need help filling it out I would like to build a budget
I need help understanding my Financial Aid Packet and/or the Federal Aid process in general I have paid a bill late in the last 6 months
I am unsure what types and amounts of student loans I have I am unsure how I will pay rent next month
I need help understanding my repayment amounts and options for my Federal Student Loans I feel broke all the time
I am worried I might not be able to pay back my loans I have bounced a check in the last 6 months
I need help managing my savings account I have gotten a call from collections in the past year
I have little to no emergency savings I have been turned down for a loan in the last 6 months
I need help managing my checking account I have moved in the last 6 months
I need help managing my personal/credit card debt I often say “I have no idea where my paycheck went”
I carry over my balances on my credit cards by paying the minimum most month I have considered or taken out a payday loan in the last year
  I have NOT checked my credit report in the last year
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