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MSU-Northern 2010-2011 Catalog

Montana University System (MUS)
General Education Transfer Policy

The Montana University System (MUS) is committed to facilitating the ease of undergraduate student transfer to its campuses. Therefore, all campuses in the Montana University System will recognize the integrity of general education programs offered by units of the Montana University System and the three publicly supported community colleges in Montana, the seven tribal colleges and regionally accredited independent colleges in the State of Montana.

Block Transfer Policy

Undergraduate students who have completed an approved general education program of between 30 and 45 lower division credit hours at one of the institutions noted above and who transfer to another of those institutions will be deemed to have met the lower division general education requirements of the campus to which the students have transferred. The student may be required to take additional coursework at the upper division level that is part of an approved general education program at the new campus.

The Montana University System Core

Students that have completed less than 20 general education credits will be required to complete the approved general education program at the campus to which they transfer. All general education transfer credits that are part of the MUS Core will be reviewed for possible application in the approved general education program at the campus.

Students who have completed 20 or more MUS core credits, but do not satisfy the block transfer policy described in the preceding section may choose to complete either the MUS core or the approved general education program at the campus to which they transfer. The student should make that decision in consultation with a faculty advisor.

The Montana Transferable Core Curriculum represents an agreement among community, tribal, and publicly funded colleges and universities in the State of Montana. It assures the transfer of up to 30 semester credits for those students enrolled in courses prescribed within each of eight discipline areas at a participating host institution. The eight discipline areas are:

Discipline Credits
Communication 6 semester credits maximum
Cultural Diversity 3 semester credits maximum
Humanities/Fine Arts 6 semester credits maximum
Mathematics 3 semester credits maximum
Natural Sciences (with Labs) 6 semester credits maximum
Social Sciences/History 6 semester credits maximum
Total Semester Credits Maximum 30

Satisfactory completion of the courses listed in the Transferable Core Curriculum will permit the student to receive credit equivalent to the lowerdivision degree requirements of the receiving college or university. When transferred as a core of 30 semester credits, nearly half of the receiving institution’s general education core requirements may be satisfied.


Depending upon the major program into which the student transfers, additional lower division requirements may still be necessary for the transfer student to complete as part of the published programmatic prerequisites. This limitation means that, even though a transfer student may satisfy the basic requirements of the Montana University System general education transfer policy, his/her specific program of study may require additional and specialized courses in one or some of the six (6) disciplines listed above. To earn the degree, transfer students will have to complete those specialized courses.

Consequently, in selecting general education coursework for transfer, a student may wish to use the following guide:

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