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MSU-Northern 2009-2010 Catalog

Time-to-Degree Assurance Policy

The course requirements for each degree program offered by Montana State University- Northern are set out in this catalog.

The University makes reasonable efforts to accommodate the reasonable scheduling needs of its students. However, it is unlikely that the University will be able to schedule classes for the personal convenience of students, and it is under no obligation to do so. Students who wish to graduate within the two- and four-year time frames contemplated by this assurance are expected to devise a written plan of study with their advisor. This written plan of study must be on file in the advisor’s and the Registrar’s Office.

Both the student and the University must meet certain obligations in order to assure completion of degree programs within the specified time frame. The student must meet the prerequisites for all required courses and register for these courses within the prescribed time frame. If the student is unable to register for a prescribed course within the prescribed time frame due to failure of the University to schedule the course at the specified time, or due to a scheduling conflict between required courses at the specified time, it is the student’s responsibility to bring this problem to the attention of the Registrar or Dean of the academic college which administers the student’s major. It is the University’s responsibility in these cases to create an accommodation that enables the student to meet the specified requirement at the specified time.

Any deviation of the student from the course requirements or sequences specified for his/her initially declared course of study will nullify the University’s responsibility to ensure the student’s graduation within the two- or four-year time frame. Failure of the student to notify the University of a course scheduling problem prior to the beginning of the course deprives the University of the opportunity to accommodate the student, and nullifies the University’s responsibility under this assurance.

Montana State University-Northern extends this time-to-degree assurance to transfer students within the Montana University System as follows: Students who are admitted to another unit of the system with the ultimate objective of transferring to Montana State University-Northern and receiving a degree from this unit may be jointly admitted to Northern when starting at the other unit.

In addition, certain two-year associate degree programs within the Montana University System are fully articulated with corresponding four-year baccalaureate degree programs at Northern. Jointly admitted students who are in such programs at two-year degree granting institutions will receive information and faculty advising from Northern concurrent with their enrollment at the originating institutions. Jointly admitted students who follow the program specified by the articulation agreement for their Northern program will receive a full two years of credit toward their graduation program at Northern. When they begin their study at Northern, they can take advantage of the time-to-degree assurances set out above for students who begin their study at Northern, and they have the same responsibilities. Further information about joint admissions agreements is available from the Office of Admissions.

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