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MSU-Northern 2009-2010 Catalog

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Bachelor of Science in Education
Health and Physical Education
Teaching, K-12


Required General Education Core


Required Courses:

BIOL 204 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology  ~ OR ~ BIOL 241 Anatomy and Physiology I
CIS 320 Computers in Education
EDPY 215 Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDPY 350 Education and Psychology of Exceptional Children
EDUC 100 Foundations of Education
EDUC 300 Introduction to Curriculum Planning and Practice*
EDUC 339 Secondary Field Experience
EDUC 351 Diversity and Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 353 Health Enhancement for Elementary Education
EDUC 380 Classroom Environment and Management*
EDUC 445 Teaching Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills Across Curriculum
EDUC 455 Advanced Practicum in Education*
EDUC 475 Elementary and Secondary Teaching Practicum & Seminar*
HSTA 255 Montana History
HPE 233 Foundations of Health and Physical Education
HPE 235 Principles of Health and Wellness
HPE 274 Personal and Community Health
HPE 300 Physical Education in Elementary Schools
HPE 305 Methods and Materials in Health Education
HPE 306 Adapted Physical Education
HPE 325 Organization & Administration of Health & Physical Education
HPE 330 Lifetime Activities
HPE 357 Kinesiology
HPE 358 Physiology of Exercise
HPE 376 Tests & Measurements in Health and Physical Education
M 121 College Algebra
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology
SPCH 142 Interpersonal Communication
WRIT 101 College Writing I

Advisor Approved Electives: 4 Credits

*Upon Admission to Teacher Education, prescribed courses must be taken in sequence (blocks). See your advisor for more information.

Choose ONE (1) course from the following 15X Aquatic Skills:

HPEA 150 Beginning Swimming
HPEA 151 Intermediate Swimming
HPEA 152 Skin and Scuba Diving
HPEA 153 Canoeing
HPEA 154 Aqua Exercise
HPEA 159 Selected Topics in Aquatic Skills

Choose ONE (1) of the following two Areas of Concentration (required only if no minor)

Teaching and Coaching
HPE 236 Intramural and Recreational Activities
HPE 247 Techniques of Officiating
HPE 248 Foundations of Coaching
HPE 359 Field Experience in Physical Education
HPE 370 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
HPE 378 Sex Education
HPE 407 Issues in Competitive Athletics  ~ OR ~ HPE 448 Psychology and Sociology in Sports
HPEA Advisor Approved Elective: 1 credit
Choose ONE (1) course from the following:
HPE 340 Coaching Football
HPE 341 Coaching Basketball
HPE 342 Coaching Track & Field
HPE 343 Coaching Volleyball
HPE 344 Coaching Wrestling
HPE 345 Coaching Baseball/Softball
HPE 346 Coaching Gymnastics
HPE 347 Coaching Swimming

Health Enhancement
HPE 236 Intramural and Recreational Activities
HPE 307 Community and School Recreation
HPE 370 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
HPE 374 Current Issues in Health
HPE 378 Sex Education
HPE 394 Outdoor Recreation
Choose TWO (2) courses from the following list of 18X Fitness and Wellness:
HPEA 180 Weight Control
HPEA 181 Weight Training
HPEA 182 Aerobic Dance
HPEA 183 Personal Self Defense
HPEA 184 Trimnastics
HPEA 185 Conditioning Activities
HPEA 186 Yoga
HPEA 187 Advanced Weight Training
HPEA 189 Selected Topics in Fitness and Wellness Skills

Total minimum credits required for degree: 128

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