Duell Stadel (Amateur Division)

WIN 16-7 vs. Taylor Higbee (WWCC)

LOSS 4-9 vs. Mitchell Brown (Una)

LOSS 1-5 vs. Trey Andrews (Una)


Aaron La Farge (Elite Division)

WIN 6-1 vs. Kyle McCrite (GCU)

LOSS by fall vs. Jade Rauser (UVU)

WIN 17-7 vs. Tony Blessie (Hastings)

WIN by fall vs. Cody Carter (Col. School of Mines)

WIN 19-3 vs. Ryan Adams (Col. School of Mines)

WIN by fall vs. Cody Tow (NW Kansas)

LOSS 0-7 to Jade Rauser (UVU)


Riley Miller (Elite Division)

LOSS 7-8 to Jesse Meis (NCU)

LOSS 1-17 to Colby Christensen (Una)



Chris Williams (Amateur Division)

LOSS by fall to Chris Canton (USAF)

WIN 7-2 vs. Dylan Schumacher (Una)

WIN 4-1 vs. Alec Chanthapatheth (Hastings)

WIN 6-3 vs. Daniel Salazar (CMU)

WIN by fall over Roy Garza (Una)

WIN 8-7 over Colby Watters (Col. School of Mines)

LOSS by fall to Robert Schultheis (Col. School of Mines)


Doug O’Hara (Amateur Division)

LOSS 5-13 to Josh Hillhouse (Una)

LOSS by fall to Caleb Walker (WWCC)



Hunter Azure (Amateur Division), 3rd Place

WIN by fall over Evan Boulton (Una)

WIN 14-10 over Konnor Kriss (Colby CC)

WIN 11-4 over Yazen Hamid (CMU)

LOSS 1-7 to Zachary Stepan (Una)

WIN by fall over Riley Berry (UGF)

WIN 15-9 over Konnor Kriss (Colby CC)

WIN by fall over Shannon Maris (CMU)

WIN 16-5 over Zachary Stepan (Una)




Cameron Neiss (Elite Division)

WIN 10-4 over Ryan Martin (UGF)

LOSS 6-7 to Glenn Terrano (UVU)

LOSS 3-8 to Jimmy Chase (CSU-Pueblo)



Trevor Goss (Amateur Division)

LOSS by fall to Troy Bainter (Neb-Kearney)

WIN by fall over Jonathan Sidhu (Una)

WIN 3-2 over Kyle Leir (UGF)

LOSS by fall to Tucker Ray (UVU)


Dillon Seely (Amateur Division)

LOSS 2-8 to Jesse Larralde (Chadron)

LOSS by fall to Reed Burgener (Chadron)


Joe Barsotti (Amateur Division)

LOSS by fall to Jeff McCormick (NWC)

LOSS by fall to Cougar Babin (Una)



Micky Cheff (Elite Division)

WIN 12-10 ot over Austin Cordova (Col. School of Mines)

WIN 10-0 over Jared Cass (CMU)

LOSS by fall to Mitchell Polkowske (NCU)

**Injury Default out of tournament


Eli Hinebauch (Amateur Division)

WIN by fall over Khaldoon Rashid (UGF)

WIN 9-0 over Alexander Buelna (Una)

LOSS 1-5 to Kory DeBeffy (GCU)

WIN by fall over Garrett Adams (Una)

WIN by fall over Colton Johnson (Neb.-Kearney)

LOSS by fall to Bryce Wiedeman (Chadron)


Tommy Cooper (Amateur Division)

WIN 18-3 over Kendall Bird (Utah State)

WIN 9-3 over Chase Fuson (Una)

LOSS by fall over Colton Thornton (NWC)

LOSS 0-5 to John Crowley (Col. School of Mines)



Ethan Hinebauch (Elite Division), 3rd Place

WIN by fall over Joshua Brown (Col. School of Mines)

WIN by fall over Trevor Grant (CSU-Pueblo)

WIN by fall over Iver Sandoval (NCU)

LOSS 7-9 to Ethan Smith (UVU)

WIN by fall over Nick Wooden (BSU)

WIN by fall over Shawn Lau (UGF


Max Payne (Elite Division), 3rd Place

LOSS 0-1 to Scotty Bacon (BSU)

WIN 8-1 over Robert Davis (Col. School of Mines)

WIN 18-4 over Josh Van Tine (NCU)

WIN 16-4 over Bret Klopp (Chadron)

WIN by inj. Def over Martin Fabbian (GCU)

WIN 8-5 over Daniel Barringer (Una)


Jared Miller (Elite Division)

WIN by fall over Caleb Watt (CMU)

WIN 2-0 over Michael Poulos (Wyoming)

LOSS 3-4 to Monte Schmalhaus (UVU)

LOSS 4-11 to Daniel Barringer (Una)



Garrett DeMers (Amateur Division)

LOSS 4-6 ot to Colter Tucker (Colby CC)

LOSS 0-9 to Paul Wilson (Col. School of Mines)



Travis Williams (Amateur Division), 3rd Place

LOSS 1-3 to Michael Williams (WWCC)

WIN 11-2 over Marcus Malacek (Una)

WIN 14-7 over Nate Zobott (GCU)

WIN 4-1 over Jordan Hanson (Una)

WIN by fall over Mike Miller (Una)

WIN 3-1 over Kabe Fluaitt (UGF)


Tucker Erickson (Amateur Division)

WIN by fall over Jake Sage (Una)

WIN by fall over Dillon Spies (Chadron)

LOSS 1-3 to Mike Miller (Una)

LOSS 1-2 to Kabe Fluaitt (UGF)


Allen Neuleib (Amateur Division)

WIN by fall over Jeff O’Conner (BYU-Idaho)

WIN by fall over Nate Zobott (GCU)

LOSS 0-3 to Michael Hill (Chadron)

LOSS 4-7 to Kabe Fluaitt (UGF)