Student Online Advising & Registration (SOAR) Quiz

Phone:   ( ) - Please provide a contact phone number so that we can schedule your phone appointment.


  Indicate whether each sentence or statement is true or false.
1.   I can print out a copy of my current schedule (classes that I registered for) on MyInfo.
2.   Each semester I need to register for new classes.
3.   I can take classes in any order that I want at any time.
4.   I do not need to speak to my faculty advisor before registering for classes every semester after my first semester.
5.   It is my responsibility to know the Important Dates of each semester that I am a Student at Northern Including: when to register for courses, when to pay my bill, deadlines for dropping/adding classes.
6.   I can register for any classes that I want to regardless if they have a pre-requisite class.
7.   My next step in the SOAR process is to have a phone appointment with the Advising Center and Northern will contact me to schedule this appointment.
8.   To look up the Class Schedule, Register for classes, view my financial aid, view my bill to the school, print out my schedule and print my transcript I log on to MyInfo.
9.   I use my student ID number to log on to MyInfo. It was found on my acceptance letter.
10.   I need to accept my fees via MyInfo prior to the start of each semester.
11.   I will have this information available when I speak to the advisor for the advising portion of my SOAR appointment: Program Sheet, Student ID number, and any question that I may have and I will have already logged into MyInfo.
12.   I need to follow the policies and procedures that are listed in the Northern catalog and on the website as a student.
13.   It is my responsibility to know if there are any program changes to my program that might affect my completion of the program. I can talk to my advisor about these changes if I have concern about it.
14.   I understand I need to register for my classes after my phone appointment, the Advising Center cannot register me, they can only advise me on which classes to take.

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