Section 400: Academic Affairs

Revised: February 2011
Reviewed February 2013, February 2015
Responsible Party: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


The Montana State University - Northern Catalog is designed to be an accurate description of the instructional program, and classes listed in each academic semester's Schedule of Classes must correspond with those listed in the Catalog. The Course Master File, located in the offices of the Registrar and the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, constitutes the essential authority for numbering, content, staffing limitations, and historical record of each course.


  1. All changes in the curricula, and consequently in the Catalog, must be approved by the Chancellor after study and recommendation by the departmental curriculum committees, the graduate council where appropriate, the University Curriculum Committee, the Academic Senate, the faculty, and the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  2. Major changes must be cleared with and approved by the Commissioner's Office (the Board of Regents with regard to new curricula) as well as national and state accreditation bodies.
  3. The Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or a designee is responsible for coordination of all academic master planning and catalog development.


403.2 Curriculum Proposals: Review and Approval