Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: June 2011
Review Date: June 2013
Responsible Party: Chief Fiscal Officer/Director of Business Services

The MSU Northern Bookstore Advisory Committee is charged with providing input in decisions regarding the Bookstore.

The Committee will:

  • Meet regularly, at least once per month.
  • Make agenda and minutes available to the Chancellor.
  • Help with the selection of logo items, especially apparel, to be carried in the Bookstore, as well as what types of supplies and other sundries are appropriate for sale in Bookstore.
  • Advise in matters of store arrangement or future expansion plans.
  • Give Bookstore Manager input and suggestions on how to serve the needs of the campus well.


The Bookstore Advisory Committee members will be appointed by the Chancellor and will consist of:

Bookstore Manager (will serve as chair)
Two Faculty members (one from each college)
Two Staff members
Two Students
Director of Business Services, ex-officio