Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: December 16, 1991


State law mandates that all publications produced by a state agency (Montana State University-Northern) be handled through established channels.

The Chancellor of Montana State University or designee has procedural responsibility for quality and consistency in college publications intended for external circulation among the University's various publics.


Request for Publication and Request to Purchase forms are to be submitted to the appropriate responsibility center for review and approval before work can begin on a publication.

A completed and signed Montana State University-Northern purchase order must be completed before the publication will be delivered for production to the printer.

All proposed publications must be approved for substance, content, and budget by the appropriate responsibility center director and the senior administrator for that area. All publications dealing with academic or curricular offerings must receive final approval from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

  • Planning: In order to ensure accurate, timely and quality publications, it is absolutely essential that adequate time frames are planned and implemented. The Chancellor's office should be contacted when planning begins on a publication intended for off-campus distribution.
  • Content: The originator is responsible for the content of the publication. The Director of University Relations should be contacted to receive editorial assistance to ensure consistency with University policy, terminology and style.
  • Proofreading: The Director of University Relations and the originator shall be co-responsible for factual agreement of the printed text with the copy as originated, but copy shall be complete and cleared as to factual accuracy before submission. Proofs will be submitted to the originator prior to printing, during which time corrections on typesetting or make-up errors should be indicated.
  • Costs: The originator of the publication is responsible for all costs associated with producing the publication including, but not limited to design, layout, art, typesetting, printing or photo services which may be provided on campus or contracted through an outside agency. Distribution: The originator of the publication is responsible for its distribution and associated costs.