Courses Offered Online

The following courses are offered online during various semesters. To see what is currently being offered online, please see the online schedule.

NRSG 100 Introduction to Nursing

NRSG 250 LPN to RN Transition (with one day of clinical)

NRSG 303 & 304 Community Nursing

NRSG 305 Nursing Ethics

NRSG 321 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

NRSG 325 Health Assessment

NRSG 331 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

NRSG 343 High Acuity Nursing

NRSG 350 End of Life Care

NRSG 352 Complementary Healing & Alternative Medicine

NRSG 362 Health Education

NRSG 420 Nursing Research

NRSG 452 Case Management

NRSG 485 Nursing Leadership and Management

NUTR 121 Clinical Human Nutrition