CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national credit by examination program. Each institution determines which CLEP test and passing score it will accept for a specific course. Please see Northern’s CLEP policy and required scores. If you pass the test required, you will receive a “P” on your MSU-Northern transcript.


$90.00 Total = $15 administrative fee paid to MSU-Northern
  $80 Exam must be paid online through the CLEP website at . (You will need to create an account)


Each exam is 90 minutes long.

After you take the test, your instant score report is provided to you. The only exception to instant scoring is the English Composition with Essay, for which results are sent within three weeks of scoring. Scoring of essays takes place once a month.

Study Guides

For Study guides you can go to on the internet. For most students it is difficult to pass an exam without at least some study beforehand.


  1. Contact Test Administrator Ligia Arango by either stopping by the Learning Success Center Located in the Library on MSU Northern Campus or call 406-265-4133 to make a testing appointment.
  2. On your testing day have your prepaid voucher to present to the test administrator to log you in the system.
  3. If the report shows a passing score, the test administrator will deliver the official CLEP transcript to the registrar’s office, once it is received from College Board. The registrar will post the grade on your transcript. Successful completion will not show on your grade report nor count as credits taken during a semester. CLEP credits may not be used for financial aid or athletic purposes.
  4. If you do not pass you will have to wait three months before retaking the exam.